Third Wave: Costa Rica

Third Wave is a global forum to gather and develop emerging NYI leaders in a global context. As a leadership conference it primarily consists of worship, fellowship, learning, service, leadership development, connection and prayer. This year, Canada will be sending four Ambrose Nazarene ministry-track students plus our Field Youth Coordinator, Helen Thiessen. The last Third Wave conference (2012) was held in Bangkok, Thailand with 194 participants from 44 countries. Held every three or four years, 2015 sees Third Wave hosted by our Mesoamerica region in Cost Rica. The national leadership agreed to provide this opportunity to our Ambrose Nazarene ministry students, and we are excited to annou

Bowden Institution Walk-a-thon

Not all prisoners are incorrigible criminals. With support from their churches, increasing numbers of inmates find faith behind prison walls and become productive members of society upon release. As previously reported in Nazarene News, alumni of Experiencing God (a Christian renewal program offered to inmates of the Bowden Institution, near Innisfail, AB) walked 200 miles around the prison exercise yard last September. With help from outside sponsors, they raised over $3,600.00 to purchase school supplies for refugee children in war–torn Sri Lanka. This year, the alumni will hold their second annual walk–a–thon on Saturday, September13th, rain or shine, from 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM. As the Phili

Summer of Hope Radiothon

Beautiful summer weather belies a host of challenges for those in our inner city who face homelessness every day. Dehydration, sunburn, insect bites, wet footwear from the rain–these all pile onto the already onerous daily struggle for food and shelter. Your support helps us to alleviate these hardships and bring hope for positive change. We invite you to tune in over 12 hours as hosts Richard Cloutier and Brian Barkley help us to share our stories of hope and talk about Siloam’s many services. Share in our community and hear how your generosity is providing opportunities and transforming lives. Location: AM680 CJOB Date: Monday, September 1, 2014 Time: 6:00 AM – 6:00 PM For more information

Mission Possible Bulembu Soap News

As you may be aware, a large portion of the soap that our fabulous soap recycling team cleans each week goes to a village in Africa. This village, Bulembu, is home to orphans who have been displaced in the country of Swaziland and Bulembu Ministries cares for and raises up these children. We have contributed soap quite a few times now, and it is a real blessing to their community. The most recent delivery got there in July. The soap Mission Possible is cleaning is making an impact for children in Africa! From Bulembu Ministries Swaziland Dear Mission Possible: On behalf of Bulembu Ministries Swazila nd and its precious children, I’d like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for t

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