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NCM Gift Catalogue Now Available

The 2015–2016 NCM Canada Gift Catalogue is now available! This year’s catalogue features all the favourites such as livestock, wells, books and school supplies for children as well as a host of other gift choices. We are so blessed with warm houses, incomes, clean drinking water, food, and all the necessities of life. This is an opportunity to give and to be a blessing to others. These are gifts that will keep on giving! For extra copies of the catalogue, please contact the National Office at 1–888–808–7490. Download your copy of the gift catalogue HERE

The Meaning of Sunday

Sociologists generally agree that Canada is becoming an increasingly secular society. But what is the significance of this shift? In his new book The Meaning of Sunday, Dr. Joel Thiessen, Associate Professor of Sociology at Ambrose University, aims both to sharpen our current understanding of the reasons people participate, or choose not to participate, in church communities in Canada, and to promote a deeper understanding of the Canadian religious and cultural landscape. “My book is really one of the first studies in the world that has looked at that kind of question; there are a handful of shorter articles that have examined similar ideas, but no full-length study that has unpacked the pro

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