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NYI Resources

The following training and resources are recommended to support you in your role in youth ministry.

Resources from you for you

A variety of resources including blog posts on a wide range of topics, leadership development videos, and a running list of youth ministry websites, blogs, and tools for your convenience.

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Latest research and solutions for today


The Fuller Youth Institute is a research centre in the USA designed to further our church strategies to help young people grow. Resources include 'Sticky Faith', 'Growing Young', and 'Urban Ministry'.

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Canadian youth worker multi-denominational network and resource


Canadian Youth Worker is simply a group that provides provocative insights, relevant ideas, current trends and reviews of resources for Youth Workers across Canada. Every once and a while, we'll host regional training events where we'll come to your city to have a conversation.

NYI Ministry Plans, Job Descriptions, Statistics


The USA/Canada region provides numerous resources to help with organizing and planning your local and district NYI. The purpose is to empower youth to grow in their faith, encourage leadership, and to mentor the next generation.


Denominational school of the Church of the Nazarene Canada


Located in Calgary, Alberta, Ambrose is home to over 900 students and offers Arts, Business, Education, Ministry, Music, Science and Seminary degrees. Ambrose has a number of faculty that are available to speak at training, worship services, and retreats including:


Speakers & Resources

Rob Snow, Associate Professor of New Testament

Helen Thiessen, Executive Director, Enrolment Management & Registrar; NYI Field Youth Coordinator

Joel Thiessen, Professor of Sociology, Director of Flourishing Congregations Institute


Training & Professional Development

Ambrose offers ordination track degrees as well as ongoing professional development for your pastoral ministry.

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