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Youth Embrace Water Challenge

All over the world, our churches, youth and young adults are taking up the new water challenge. The Justice Movement is a collective voice for justice and compassion in the world.

The movement is made of children, students, young adults, families, and churches who believe they can make a difference.

The Justice Movement, created collaboratively through NYI and NCM, is an educational, interactive event designed to engage youth and young adults worldwide in an exploration of God’s heart for justice. The theme verse is Amos 5:24: “But let justice roll down like waters, and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream.”

Mo Hickman, from Oxford, Nova Scotia, now studying at Ambrose University, took up this challenge. Read Mo's journey here at

Are you interested in joining The Justice Movement? Visit for more information and see how you and your church can be involved and make a difference today.


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